Feb. 9th, 2021

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Because I keep going through phases, deleting, and reposting "favorite pairings"/"favorite characters"/"favorite whatever" for fandom.
So this I can edit. Yeah baby.
FE only for now. Nothing is in any particular order.

I like genfic, especially with a psychological slant.
I'm a sucker for tragedies, especially subtle ones.
I'm not really big on pairing fluff or smut.
Interesting AUs and alt-continuities make me happy.
Starred pairings are OTPs - as in, I do not like reading stories focused solely on the characters involved romantically with anyone else.
Any of the characters I like being in interesting friendships/rivalries/what have you is really love - especially ones without canon interactions. That includes things I list as pairings, too.

Characters: Elphin, Klein, Wolt, Percival, Cecilia, Lugh, Lilina, Sophia, Echidna, Igrene, Sue, Hugh, Oujay (Ogier), Saul, Dorothy
Pairings: Percival/Elphin*, Roy/Lilina, Roy/Sophia, Guinevere/Miledy, Saul/Dorothy

Characters: Lucius, Eliwood, Raven, Harken, Isadora, Priscilla, Sain, Kent, Pent, Canas, Louise, Uther
Pairings: Sain/Priscilla, Raven/Lucius, Pent/Louise, Lucius/Priscilla, Eliwood/Isadora, Marcus/Eleanora

Characters: Innes, Ephraim, Myrrh, Knoll, Saleh, Eirika, Tana, Tethys, Franz, Forde, Kyle, Lyon, Duessel, Natasha
Pairings: Ephraim/Lyon, Cormag/Tana, every Eirika support except Seth and Ephraim, Knoll/Natasha, Joshua/Natasha, Franz/Amelia*

Characters: Pelleas, Geoffrey, Elincia, Rafiel, Levail, Lucia, Nailah, Leonardo, Shinon, Rolf, Reyson, Rhys, Titania, Zelgius, Sephiran, Micaiah, Nasir, Micaiah (. . .I just like a lot of things, leave me alone ;__;)
Pairings: Titania/Rhys, Nailah/Rafiel*, Pelleas/Micaiah, Geoffrey/Pelleas (I'm just that cool), Sephiran/Zelgius, Geoffrey/Elincia, Lucia/Elincia, Rolf/Mist, Ike/Soren* (I don't actively ship it, but I don't really like breaking them up either)

Characters: Ellerean, Merric, Etzel, Marth, Caeda, Julian, Nyna, Wolf, Sedgar
Pairings: Marth/Caeda, Caeda/Ogma, Marth/Merric, deliciously awkward Marth/Nyna, Ellerean/everyone

Stuff in general
Alternate continuity, just about any AU aside from high school, cross-series meshes, tragedy, psychological exploration, complicated relationships, political maneuverings, turncoats, and gray areas of morality.

Stuff I don't like
It comes up on things, I guess.

Characters: Ilyana, Lute, Mia, Neimi, Jaffar, Renault
Pairings: Jaffar/Nino, Knoll/Lyon, Innes/Ephraim, Seth/Eirika, Ike/girls, Heather/boys, Soren/not!Ike, Hector/Florina, any student/teacher pairings (Pent/Erk, Saleh/Ewan, et al), "Mark"/anyone
Stuff in general: whiny uke-ified characters, rape as "sexy" or a sign of love, shota/loli/whatever (squishy crushes on the kid's side are okay, but more than that is Do Not Want. And I do count technically older characters like Myrrh, Fa, etc here.), high school AUs, villainizing "rivals" to make your pairing/character look good, super-romantic stuff, incest, "Mark" outside FE7, anything involving hair-pulling.

So I guess if you're looking for someone to write Mark/Mia high school romance-floof AU, you'll need to look elsewhere :B


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